Application Center

    ​AMSCO is being accumulated the knowledge base on starch science & various food applications with long experience and has established an “ Application Center ” in the central business area in Bangkok.

   In AMSCO's Application Center, we have a team of experienced food technologists that will support you in applying our products in your process. We are equipped with modern laboratory and pilot scale equipment, where we develop and test our product and can show demonstrations for you. This is just the best way to provide your confidence about functionality and benefits of our products.

    Our continuous success in helping our customer with their needs related to texture and processing is based on an extensive knowledge base, which is being supported by Research Institute of Nihon Shokuhin Kako Co., Ltd. (NSK). This institute of our parental company was established in Japan almost half a century ago and is being developing the application of starch in processed foods to meet the current demand of the market.

AMSCO Application Center’s missions :

Custom Product Development Services
Our Application Center routinely creates new product formulations. Our services can be extended to cover customized food research and development based on specific customer requirement(s).

Product Analysis & Evaluation Services
Our Application Center offers services related to hydration rate, retrogradation, freeze/thaw stability, texture profile and sensory evaluation (by trained panelists).

Starch Education Services
Our Application Center offers training courses in order to guide our customers through the functionality of starch and specifically the benefits to your products by using our starches.