At Asia Modified Starch Co., Ltd. (AMSCO), our employees are one of the most important and essential for our sustainability. To emphasize our aim, AMSCO provide healthy, safe & enviro-friendly working place and condition in which each employee is able to make the best of his or her abilities and enhance their performance, to give the employees’ appropriate life balance, to prevent employees’ physical and mental health from risky work, to take their pride as part of achievements.
In particular, AMSCO commits to protecting the basic human and labor rights of our employees complied with relevant laws and regulations.
“Enviro-friendly” is one of key & integral part in our processes. Our products and processes are all green. We take good care, in our efforts to ensure the safety and welfare of our region, of our wastewater that is treated, and tapioca waste meal handling. These measures go beyond the relevant requirements by legislation and regulation.
Farmers are one of the most important stakeholder of our business. We work closely with our loyal farmers and try to support them in many ways in an effort to sustain cassava plantation in our region.
To support our activities, we have established internal specialized post to follow this assignment in which we have accumulated “Know-How” for improvement of yield & effective farming ways including mechanization.